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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sea Turtle
Did you know that sea turtles can grow up to 1.5 metres and weigh about 395 kilograms. There                                  are seven species of them and all of them are endangered or critically on the list of endangered.
 If you're trying to look for sea turtles I know some great places to scuba dive and visit them.  

there's the great barrier reef in Australia , it is the largest coral reef system in the world with six species of sea turtles , Sipadan in Malaysia is often ranked the top diving destination in the world, you usually see 30 sea turtles on one dive and Akumal in Mexico , the word Akumal literally means the place of turtles. Sea turtles live for at least 100 years and live their lives in the beautiful ocean but the females find their way back to the beach from where they were born and give birth to at least 110 eggs that transform into tiny sea turtles. Over two whole months the eggs finally hatched and the cute baby sea turtles race to the ocean and swim till they are in the open ocean. But that is only the beginning of there dangerous life.                                                                                               

Sea turtle are slowly getting extinct. More and more sea turtles are dying each day from us humans and the mistakes we are making. We are taking their food away and dumping rubbish in the seas and they [do not deserve] this. They live off the resources of the Earth that we share with them and we are taking it away. Sea pollution is a big part in why sea turtles are dying. Sea turtles eat coral fish and much more but we are taking it away with over fishing dumping rubbish and sea pollution. Innocent turtles are dying and they do not deserve this they have never done anything to us so why are we killing them we should be helping them to survive.

Sea turtles have hard lives. From when they are born and to when the female comes up on the beach to lay their eggs. Now you may be wondering how they can survive in the ocean being around predators like sharks and dogs on the beach well this is how.First things first how do the baby sea turtle survive once after being hatched from their eggs. Baby sea turtles are quite smart, they only go to the ocean when it is dark so a higher percentage of the sea turtles survive. Baby sea turtles are amazingly fast at swimming so they can get away from some birds. Now when the sea turtles are adult they don't need to work as hard to get away from predators. Sea turtles hard shell and speed in the ocean makes them not a very good snack for a shark. One of the most dangerous jobs of being a female sea turtle is laying the eggs. The turtles have to wait till dark to go hatch their eggs but once it is dark the turtles slowly crawl up on the sand dunes and find a spot to lay the eggs. Sea turtles have to be wary about predators like dogs that could attack them but that is why they go out at night. Once all the eggs have been laid they carefully fill in the hole with sand and make it blend into the rest of the sand dune. After that they slowly and carefully travel back down to the ocean and continue with the rest of their life.Sea turtles have a hard life so we need to help to protect them.

There are hundreds of people that are helping to stand up for the turtles. Turtles are beautiful animals and don't have a voice but we can be that voice for them they do not deserve what they are getting. They have never done anything to us human but we are here killing them for leather and glory two things in this world that we don't even need. We need to be wary of what our dogs do on the beaches where sea turtles could be nesting or where their eggs are laid. So please help stand up for the turtles they have been in this world longer than us so let them live on. Because what you or your dog could do can drive sea turtles out of existence.  

Paragraph 1: Kelly
Paragraph 2: Neo
Paragraph 3: Ryan
Conclusion: Neo & Ryan

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Swimming sports

Today I went to the swimming sport but did not compete because I have done something to my collar bone. But I was watching some amazing swimming and running in the running race. But at the pool it was very hot and stuffy.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

  Why we should have phones at school

Dear Mr Smith,

I think that we year 6 , 7 and 8 should all be allowed to have MOBILE PHONE at school because we are all responsible enough to have them at our use at school. Us year 6 ,7 and 8s have phones and why can’t we USE THEM AT SCHOOL,  I think that it is important for kids to experience safety and to explore the new technology of the 2nd century.                                                                                         

Scientist say that it is easier to learn in an environment that you feel comfortable in. Some people find their phone is something that makes them feel comfortable in many cases in emergencies and to stay with contact with their parents. Like mine and many more  families they like to know where and when I am at places and things. Like for say my parents are late we will not know because we are not allowed phones at school.

Why are we allowed Ipads and laptops and many more devices at school if we are not allow to use phones as a never learning tool.You can get all the apps you can get on a ipad or tablet you can monitor our usage on our phones and see the websites that we are on. You can trust us to not TEXT or RING people in or out of class because us year 6 7 and 8 are RESPONSIBLE.
Thank you for taking the time and consideration to read my Persuasive writing.I strongly agree that it is important to have phones at school.Now to go over my points it can be easier to learn with having phones with you,they can be used as a learning tool us year 6 ,  7 and 8s are responsible and WILL NOT TEXT AND RING people.Thank you again for reading my letter.

From Neo            

Monday, June 2, 2014


Steering into the cliffs looking down at us like gods the wide deep snow clearing as we are hiring the fast flowing water looking out seeing an old bridge.The creaking and moving of the bridge is scary but then steering straight into the eyes of a munch kin on the over side it was more scary the shallow crack of his voice was frightening saying nothing but you shall not pass. Running along the bridge and me running straight back the munch kin throwing me off  the bridge falling to my death never to be seen again in the river of death.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Monday, May 26, 2014

          Frozen coke Experiment

Question:What will a bottle of coke do in the top shelf of a freezer for 2 and a half hours?

Purpose:The purpose was to see what will happen if a coke bottle was in a freezer for 2 hours.

Hypothesis:I think that the top of the bottle will freeze the sides will and fog up and the bottle will come out frozen and cold.

Experiment:The materials needed are very easy to get you will need a bottle of coke,a freezer,a cup and a spon.

Step 1:To do this the first step is to shake the bottle of coke vigorously for 30 second and DO NOT take the lead off.

Step 2:Now you need to put the shaken bottle into the freezer CAREFULLY on the top shelf for 2.45 hours.

Step 3: Remove the coke bottle only holding the lid and charging to not hit it then turn the lid half way then tip it upside down then you should have a yummy slushy thank you

Results:The results were that the coke turned into a yummy slushy to eat or drink.   

Sunday, May 25, 2014

                    Sherbet Experiments     tep. 2 Mix all the ingress together thoroughly until there's no lumps in the shorbit

Question:What will happen if you mix:
½ teaspoons of citric acid
1 teaspoon of icing sugar  
ing sugar½ teaspoons of drinking crystals
¼ teaspoons of bicarbonate soda

Purpose:To see what all happen when you mix all the ingredients together.

Hypothesis:I think that with all those ingredients together will make yummy shorbit.

½ teaspoons of citric acid
½ teaspoons of drinking crystals
1¼ teaspoons of bicarbonate soda    
½ teaspoons of icing sugar

Step.1 The first step is to put all the materials in a poe together

S. 3  Then put it in a cup eat and enjoy your yummy shorbit  

Results:The results were that it made a yummy short that is a delight to eat.

Conclusion:The conclusion for this is that I know it would make shorbit because I know that all the ingredients made shorbit.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

About me

Who am I?My name is Neo I am 10 years old,I am a year 6 student at Papakowhai school.My class is Kauri Toru so also go check their blog out too.A couple of things about me, is I like sport and technology. I also like my school because we are able to use devices for school and homework, the good thing about this is that we get work and homework finished faster,better and easier.One thing you'll be seeing a lot of, is work and school related things from me and I hope you'll like the post I will be sending out for the whole year.And that's a little about me.